All I Want for Christmas…

Holiday cheer is everywhere – glittering décor, bright lights, smiles and joy! As we prepare our homes for the celebration of family and blessings this December…we must also prepare our homes for not only Santa’s arrival, but the safety of our little Santa’s Helpers! Yes – our little furry friends, feline and canine both, will be just as excited to check out the pretty décor, ornaments, tinsel, the blinking allure of tree lights, and be filled with curiosity about all of those presents under the tree. This holiday, keep dangling décor, gifts, goodies and seasonal cheer up away from your pet’s reach. Already this season we have seen accidents from climbing the holiday tree, trauma from nibbling into the electrical light strand, injury from broken ornaments, ingestion of baking goodies, and are gearing up our emergency team for four December weeks of preventable issues that will be presenting at our Animal ER door.

Santa put the Animal ER on the Nice List this year!

Santa put the Animal ER on the Nice List this year!

Your furry friends are no different than the over-joyed kiddos this time of year – ready to take part in the festivities though it’s our duty to secure the surroundings of home for their protection. When guests visit, take a moment to spread cheer and a warning about those mugs of eggnog and platters of treats…little noses are quick when tempted.

Have a joyous holiday and a safe one at that. All I want for Christmas is a community of healthy pets and happy families! Happy Holidays from the care team here at the Animal ER of NW Houston!

Open Christmas Eve and Christmas Day as well as the 26th  in addition to our standard hours!

~Dr Jennifer Hennessey

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