When Concerns for Your Pet’s Food Are Too Much to Swallow …

What we feed our pets is an extension of love and nurture. We want to feed the healthiest and tastiest without worrying about the quality of a selected commercially sold product. Recently, concerns for alleged problems with the Purina brand Beneful have boiled over into the media and caused quite a stir. Media attention and “finger pointing” at dog food companies when a pet becomes ill, without proper evidence of the named food being an issue, leads us to have un-necessary doubts and fears about what we pour into our furry friend’s dish… and unnerves the most confident pet parent.

Finding a place to turn for comforting updates can be frustrating to pet owners across the country when an issue is reported with commercial pet foods. Pet parents seeking answers and craving resources to satisfy their concerns for Fido’s well-being have many resources available to provide current, up to date information about animal food products including foods and treats. While calling the veterinary office is a great initial step with any pet related concerns, veterinary staff are managing a lobby full of cases and a loaded schedule which may lead to limited time to relay detailed information. For a complete assessment of pet food problems or recalls, owners can call the product company directly about any concerns or more proactively search the listing of pet food recalls provided online by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). You can also find current details online from The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) who publishes up to date recalls on pet foods, treats and products on their site for public review. Gain a mouthful of knowledge by searching the following sites and when in doubt about your pet’s well-being, seek an in-hospital veterinary exam and evaluation with your trusted veterinary medical team.



Our pets are more than 4-legged critters...they are members of the family

Our pets are more than 4-legged critters…they are members of the family



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